Big Bang: Creator of the Universe

Logline & Synopsis Non-Disclosure 


            This is an animated feature with a hamster, Big Bang, a black bear breed with a white belly, as star of the show, "Big Bang!  Creator of the Universe."  As Big Bang and God have inner dialogue, they speak of getting Joe, whom is now a workaholic, back on track with his life after losing his family in a tragic car accident a year ago; with Big Bang and himself being the only survivors.  This will enlighten you.


            Joe is now a workaholic as his compulsions have taken over and has chosen to suppress his thoughts of hurt and pain from losing his family; he can function, but he's not living.  He forgot the beauty and light of love and life and got consumed.  Now, only work consumes his time with quarterly reports, deadlines, and a dull, bleak and robotic way of living life.  All the while neglecting Big Bang as she reminds him of the family he once had and the pain of losing them. 

            One day after doing quarterly reports, Joe actually catches up with work, for a brief moment, and speaks to Big Bang, rediscovering the universe through blueberry happiness.  The simple pleasure and delight from a sweet furry creature, reminding him how simple the universe is and how we've so complicated it; to go with the flow and deal with his pain.  Most importantly, what is important and what isn't, how Joe counters despair (sloth (deadly sin)) with diligence (holy virtue of sloth), but is now a bit OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder where suppressing ones' thoughts causes an unrelated compulsion).  Joe has simply been constructive (to some degree) with his compulsion, putting all his time into work and projects to escape the pain of losing, what he realizes now, is more important than anything.  Where he once took for granted the sweet love and light, now lost.  He has become off-balance because of his tragedy.  Will he step up, is Big Bang and God enough to bring Joe back from his dark and bleak existence, with the one entity that reminds him of his pain.  A small little creature, taps into Joe, Big Bang!

            The inner dialogue between God and Big Bang while neurotic Joe works is tremendously funny and reminds us and reinforces within us all what is truly important, love.  Big Bang reminds Joe to keep it simple and through their interaction he rediscovers the flow of the universe again where he can begin to heal, speak with god again after being devasted.  There's also a spiritual awakening within Joe where he realizes just how important family and love is, where he gets the big picture.  Big Bang is the catalyst getting Joe better and right where he no longer is off balance, but in harmony with the universe and can enjoy life once again, Big Bang too.

            God and Big Bang's dialogue gives morals and lessons in life as well as reinforcing the flow of the universe, where Joe is devasted, but how he can come back and be happy and have love and light back in his life.  Joe does btw, he meets a lady friend with her babies after their daddy passes away in a tragic accident after attending tragic accident group meetings.  Joe mourns properly and meets a lady who deals with her pain too and they live happily ever after because of love. 

            Big Bang has lots of winks, big cheesy grins (2 big buck teeth on top and 2 buck on bottom) with little human-like hands grabbing and taking stuff, rubbing her belly combing her hair, doing a little wiggle hammie happy dance, stuffing walnuts, bag of potato chips, a big freakin' Yam, in her one of her little cheeks, taking a little bath and floating with air in her cheeks, you'd be surprised what they can fit in there, one time I found an oldsmobile, on a piece of Trinadad. 

            Joe faces the music of what happened and come full circle, like Jewish Teshuvah.  Joe was able to move on and make another family through a process of mourning, spiritual awakening and growing, healing and capable of being happy and letting go of the past, but always having it be a part of you, and go full circle.  Big Bang has an uncanny litter of itty bitty hammies.  New children embrace Big Bang! and each get their own hammie from the mysterious litter of pups.  Smile



Copyright 2012 DeeAnna Blette